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B and H Design and Manufacturing

"B&H Design & Manufacturing has used Fixture Installers for our retail display installations for over 10 years. Their (Fixture Installers USA) installers always do a great job and are always available when needed. Soon after 9/11, we had several jobs scheduled in various locations throughout the country. We offered to postpone the jobs until things calmed down, but some of the men chose to fly to their jobs and those that chose not to fly, drove. Not one job was cancelled or postponed.

Fixture Installers always comes through and their work is exceptional. We have occasionally used other installation companies in the past, and from our experience, we just didn't get the commitment and quality of work that we get from Fixture Installers.They will stay on the job until it's done...and finish the job no matter how long it takes."

Lois Impens
B&H Design & Manufacturing
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